The Genesis

SYS started as an Activist Organization during the year 1986 which tried to visualize the problems of locality; feelings of the people at micro level and raise voice for people.

But in due course of time, the spirit of activism got over-shadowed by the harsh reality of people’s minimum materialistic gain that essentially ensures ones own survival, witnessing the fast changes and the aftermath of changing attitudes, there arised the need for a change in the operational modalities to emphasize more on developmental aspects.

By the way, retaining the original broader attitude of “Serving People’s Purpose” – the eventual metamorphose took place in the organization to transform that basically and integrally as a “Voluntary Development Organization” to cater to macro level and give specific and integrated approach to development activities from scattered welfare approach.

SYS thus got its Legal Status during 1987 as a Non Political and Non Profit-Seeking Voluntary Development Organization under the Society’s Registration Act XXI of 1860 bearing No.1616 – 199 of 1987-88 Dated 21.12.1987

The genesis of SYS reflects more a process – i.e. of proven eventual developments characterized by change in attitude and mode of action towards rights/entitlements and duties/responsibilities among the downtrodden deprived mass (the neglected mass) than a mere showdown of activities undertaken for the cause of those neglected mass in the name of their development.


From its own source SYS has started this venture since 1.4.2005 at Khandapara Road, Nayagarh that provides residential education support to 60 students of different villages nearby. It is great pleasure to us after consistently 7years this year the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, deptt. of disability division, Govt. of India, New Delhi has pleased to sanction grant-in-aid to this special schools we are grateful to the said Ministry. In this 07no of special educators have been appointed to ensure care taking and education in that institution. This venture has ensured following specific benefits:

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With due homage to the dignity of multi-disabled children & ensure their esteemed survival\boosting enabling environment from for them –S Y S has taken up implementing home-based programmed in integration to other actions. This is virtually an innovative but congenial approach of identifying the inner best of children and initiating there potential in best manner to make them man of cognizable esteem and response’s Y S has initiated its efforts in this context since 1.9.2004 throw door to door survey in khandapara,odagaon nayagarh,bhapur and identified 22.

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For the empowerment of the rural poor and downtrodden PWDs of Khandapara,Bhapur Block of Nayagarh District SYS starting community based rehabilitation programme from the month of 31st October 2011 with financial assistance from National Association for the Blind(NAB),India,Mumbai.By taking 08 CBR Personnel and one Project co-Ordinator.After windup this programme SYS running this programme its own sources since 2012-13.The main objective of the Community Based Rehabilitation is to raise the socio-economic standard and join in the main stream in the society.Initially in this blaock 21nos of G.Ps and 01no of NAC and 191nos of revenue villages were surveyed and assessed 795nos of PWDs we identified for this project.Among them 25nos of visually impaired persons examined by the District Medical Board,Nayagarh and finally the Chief District Medical Officer, Nayagarh issued medical certificate in favour of them.Besides this 36 visually impaired persons were also provided BPL rice with the support from district administration.

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